Sunday, March 29, 2015

Study visit Molinicos, Spain

March 24-28. 2015.

The aims of the mobility was to exchange experiences and get information about new processing methods, promotion of the local e- business, visit local companies, local, give the opportunity to the participants to see the reality in spain about e-commerce and local products.

Bring people together: get into contact with people of other European countries – overcome language borders  - make exchange of knowledge and experiences possible
Show different methods , give workshops in the themes and to see the realities in the are of Molinicos.

Benefit form cultural diversity: learn from feedback of participants 

Feedback from participants:

We got a lot of good feedback from the participants. We are proud  that all workshops have been favorite to the participants – not only one high-light was mentioned, but all workshops were named at least  once –so that we think we fulfilled a very diverse program for all the different people!

People were grateful for the possibility to meet other people from different countries – place for exchange was given. As this was one of our goals by planning the mobility and also the workshops reached good feedback, we think mobility was very successful.
Organization got very good feedback too. 

Good to know...:

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