Monday, July 6, 2015

Sudy visit Gulbene, Latvia
July 1-5. 2015.

Aim of the mobility was to get to know opportunities to develop, diverse entrepreneurship and home producing in rural areas. Participants arrive from all partnering countries – Hungary, Spain, France, UK, and Czech Republic. Also - participants from Latvia - locals took part.

Visit started in Valmiera - attending Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator. There we had meeting with local entrepreneurs who already had use support and services of incubator. In Gulbene District mobility learners attended small and medium size companies and holdings. Participants were surprised by welcoming attitude of farms "Dzelzavieši" owners. There participants recognised how in rural area is possible to develop high level service. After meeting with artist and home producer who make snow shoes and musical instruments learners were proved that there are many young people who start their own business in Latvia rural areas. In the program also we visited Ltd. Dimdiņi what is national level company and can be competitive also in Europe what shows that also in rural area there are many possibilities if businessman has patience, knowledge and vision. 

During the mobility there was also Forum – discussion with local home producers, entrepreneurs, tour organizers, socially active population and local government representatives. Participants shared their ideas, opinions about possibilities and E-commerce in rural areas, how to develop new projects and international cooperation networks.

We also created a short film that nicely shows the week and the atmosphere:

Feedback from participants:

"We were made really welcome by the accommodation hosts. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to learn about the local food, visit community events and get a true taste of family life. "

"Accommodation inspiring, great to see how people are living in a harmonious, ecological way. This added a whole new dimension to the visit."

"I was surprised and delighted to discover what a welcoming country Latvia is."

"The program has been very dense giving a great overview of examples but the time maybe too short to go into depth."

"Good chance to develop new contacts in other countries."

"Made to feel extremely welcome and inspired by all we saw."

"Great to see the benefits of these projects, to break down barriers and connect people."

"Really, really good - one of the best ever for me!!!"


Contacts of visited places

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