Saturday, October 18, 2014

Study visit Gánt, Hungary 

October 11-17. 2014.

Our mobility programme lasted for five days, with 5 participating countries (Czech, French, Latvian, Spanish and our Hungarian team) and a total of 14 foreign particpants.

There were plenty of professional and free time activities, so the participants not only could have learned a lot about Hungarian circumstances and best practices, but they also had enough time to relax and bond.

The focus was on the employment options of people with disabilities, so we presented the governmental procedures and benefits, we showed our job service website, and we also visited a company that has a mission to help these people the best it can.

We can say that the mobility was finished with great success, the participants gained a lot of experience and new relationships.

The French partners also created a short film that nicely shows the week and the atmosphere:

Feedback from the participants:

"Watched and learned a lot about rural parts and activities"

"[I liked the ] very good practice of Grundfos"

"All the programmes have been very interesting to me"

"I've learned how mobilty works in Hungary"

"To see, how entrepreneurs have and give opportunities, and to see how Grundfos help people with disabilities"

"[I liked how you have a ] team in your organisation, and how you want to make the programmes full of activities and visits."

"Really like sensitivisation games, learned about big differences - small village and big city, big organisations and local famers. Getting to know other nationalities"


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