Friday, November 22, 2013

E-rurality: what is your reality to get online?

E-rurality is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership programme between 6 organizations from 6 EU countries: Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Latvia, Spain and the United Kingdom. The aim of the project is to bring development to the local businesses in the areas where people have less possibilities to go online or to gain knowledge about using the internet as a helping tool. For this, during the two years of the project, we will make programs to help people in the rural areas to learn about the possibilities to get online, know the websites and learn how to use them.

During our our planning conference in Portwrinkle, United Kingdom, in November 2013 we decided on the dates when each organization will host a group of learners to improve their skills in these fields of IT and being online with businesses. We discussed about our reality of the rural areas, which are the issues and how they could be solved; about the local work of the organizations and about the people they work with. Naturally, we will not summarize these here and now. 
It is up to our learners who join the project to see the reality of each country and to find the ways to get their businesses on the online track. 

Summery of kick off meeting


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