Monday, July 6, 2015

Sudy visit Gulbene, Latvia
July 1-5. 2015.

Aim of the mobility was to get to know opportunities to develop, diverse entrepreneurship and home producing in rural areas. Participants arrive from all partnering countries – Hungary, Spain, France, UK, and Czech Republic. Also - participants from Latvia - locals took part.

Visit started in Valmiera - attending Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator. There we had meeting with local entrepreneurs who already had use support and services of incubator. In Gulbene District mobility learners attended small and medium size companies and holdings. Participants were surprised by welcoming attitude of farms "Dzelzavieši" owners. There participants recognised how in rural area is possible to develop high level service. After meeting with artist and home producer who make snow shoes and musical instruments learners were proved that there are many young people who start their own business in Latvia rural areas. In the program also we visited Ltd. Dimdiņi what is national level company and can be competitive also in Europe what shows that also in rural area there are many possibilities if businessman has patience, knowledge and vision. 

During the mobility there was also Forum – discussion with local home producers, entrepreneurs, tour organizers, socially active population and local government representatives. Participants shared their ideas, opinions about possibilities and E-commerce in rural areas, how to develop new projects and international cooperation networks.

We also created a short film that nicely shows the week and the atmosphere:

Feedback from participants:

"We were made really welcome by the accommodation hosts. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to learn about the local food, visit community events and get a true taste of family life. "

"Accommodation inspiring, great to see how people are living in a harmonious, ecological way. This added a whole new dimension to the visit."

"I was surprised and delighted to discover what a welcoming country Latvia is."

"The program has been very dense giving a great overview of examples but the time maybe too short to go into depth."

"Good chance to develop new contacts in other countries."

"Made to feel extremely welcome and inspired by all we saw."

"Great to see the benefits of these projects, to break down barriers and connect people."

"Really, really good - one of the best ever for me!!!"


Contacts of visited places

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Study visit Molinicos, Spain

March 24-28. 2015.

The aims of the mobility was to exchange experiences and get information about new processing methods, promotion of the local e- business, visit local companies, local, give the opportunity to the participants to see the reality in spain about e-commerce and local products.

Bring people together: get into contact with people of other European countries – overcome language borders  - make exchange of knowledge and experiences possible
Show different methods , give workshops in the themes and to see the realities in the are of Molinicos.

Benefit form cultural diversity: learn from feedback of participants 

Feedback from participants:

We got a lot of good feedback from the participants. We are proud  that all workshops have been favorite to the participants – not only one high-light was mentioned, but all workshops were named at least  once –so that we think we fulfilled a very diverse program for all the different people!

People were grateful for the possibility to meet other people from different countries – place for exchange was given. As this was one of our goals by planning the mobility and also the workshops reached good feedback, we think mobility was very successful.
Organization got very good feedback too. 

Good to know...:

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Study visit Pelhrimov, Czech
Dec. 1-5. 2014.

The hosted mobility in the Czech republic by Stanovice pro pivot started with welcome, official opening and getting to know each other. Al participants introduced the organisation they represent and also themselves, their involvement in the project, connection to the topics and motivation and personal objectives related to the participation in the Czech mobility. 

The first session provided also the facilitated space for presentation of the flow of the activities at local, regional and/or national level of the each partner's country together with achievements. During the lunch break had the participants also short time to explore a bit the venue of the meeting. During the afternoon joined us interesting guests, Mrs. Hajkova representative of the Department of the Regional development/Regional Authority of Vysocina region who presented us the state of play of small businesses and their support in Vysocina region, innovative measure implemented by the Authority at regional level and financial support system. The expert on EU funds and subsidies Mr. Cerny presented the current situation linked to the small businesses, rural development, ICT and opportunities. He also shared the good practices of the success of the small businesses using the ITC even fully based on e-commerce or the marketing tool. On the schedule the second day was the workshop on e-skills related to the development of the rural business including the theoretical part, practical exercise and brainstorming with the space for exchange and sharing, mutual inspiration. The workshop offered to the participants many resources, trends in terms of the dynamic development and progress of the ITC area.
The last day was opened by the input on Entrepreneurship in the rural areas, national support and good practice. The main content of the day focused on field trips, visit of the good and inspiring examples.
The visit of Luka, a.s - farm with animal and plant production with main milk production had also the tasting part the milk products. The member of the board of the farm presented us legislative guidelines and the project of "Regional brands". The following field trips guided the group to the Hotel Farma small family business with successful growth and development related to rural area (own bio production, etc.), local entrepreneur art smith and the final dot in the line of the practices exploring was the local Pelhrimov brewery.
The official part of the fruitful mobility full of inspiring information with inter culture flavor of the group sharing was closed with the evaluation and farewell dinner.

Summary of evaluation: 

The participants have very different level of knowledge related the main topic of the Partnership

The activity which the participants like the most was good practices - field trips - visits of the entrepreneurs

Whole programme and all activities were evaluated in the range from 75% to 100 % of satisfaction, there were differences in the evaluation of the workshop on e-skills where the participants explained the different knowledge start line (for some was totally new for some things they knew but still with the space to share and make comparison among countries).

Practicalities were evaluated as very good (highest points).

The expectations of the participants were fulfilled and they appreciated the inspiration and ideas they learnt and shared.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Study visit Gánt, Hungary 

October 11-17. 2014.

Our mobility programme lasted for five days, with 5 participating countries (Czech, French, Latvian, Spanish and our Hungarian team) and a total of 14 foreign particpants.

There were plenty of professional and free time activities, so the participants not only could have learned a lot about Hungarian circumstances and best practices, but they also had enough time to relax and bond.

The focus was on the employment options of people with disabilities, so we presented the governmental procedures and benefits, we showed our job service website, and we also visited a company that has a mission to help these people the best it can.

We can say that the mobility was finished with great success, the participants gained a lot of experience and new relationships.

The French partners also created a short film that nicely shows the week and the atmosphere:

Feedback from the participants:

"Watched and learned a lot about rural parts and activities"

"[I liked the ] very good practice of Grundfos"

"All the programmes have been very interesting to me"

"I've learned how mobilty works in Hungary"

"To see, how entrepreneurs have and give opportunities, and to see how Grundfos help people with disabilities"

"[I liked how you have a ] team in your organisation, and how you want to make the programmes full of activities and visits."

"Really like sensitivisation games, learned about big differences - small village and big city, big organisations and local famers. Getting to know other nationalities"